[Michlib-l] Novi Public Library Employment Opportunity - Support Services Outreach Driver, part-time

Marcia Dominick mdominick at novilibrary.org
Wed Apr 1 11:26:42 EDT 2020


Please join our excellent team at the Novi Public Library.  We are only one
of two libraries in Michigan who has achieved the QSAC Excellence Award
through the State of Michigan.  Our team is dedicated to connecting with
our diverse community with excellent resources and services through our
motto of *Inform. Inspire. Include.*

*Position:         Support Services Outreach Driver, Permanent Part-Time*

*Primary Duties & Responsibilities:*

   1. Delivers materials to the Lending Library Kiosk at Lakeshore Park
   utilizing the Library vehicle.  Loads and unloads materials from and to the
   vehicle, bins, and carts.
   2. Responsible for the operation, maintenance, and collections of the
   Lending Library Kiosk.  Loads and unloads, shelves and shifts materials
   from, to, and inside the kiosk and maintains general order.  Configures and
   troubleshoots the kiosk software on-site.
   3. Assists, as assigned, with preparation of Lending Library Kiosk
   materials at the Novi Public Library, including circulation, and loading
   and unloading of materials from and to the vehicle, bins, and carts.
   Configures and troubleshoots the kiosk software by remote log-in.
   4. Assists, as assigned, with Lending Library and Outreach events,
   including issuing and renewal of library cards.
   5. Assists, as assigned, to perform Outreach Services duties.  Prepares
   and delivers materials to various facilities utilizing the Library vehicle
   and may be accompanied by other Outreach staff; loads and unloads materials
   from carts.

*Customer Service:*

1.     Performs all duties assigned in the ILS Module accurately and
efficiently; problem solves guest and catalog issues.

2.     Performs workroom duties and other tasks as assigned, including
sorting and loading carts for shelving; shelving of materials; shelf
reading; processing holds, returns, and other materials from delivery;
troubleshooting and maintenance operations of the AST System; answering
main phone, directing calls, and making public address announcements as
needed; and registering cash, check, and credit card transactions.

3.     Adapts and responds to multiple priorities, interruptions, and
demands; retains knowledge and stays up-to-date on current Library policies
and procedures; communicates effectively with guests, co-workers, and
professional colleagues.

4.     Assists with opening and closing procedures for the Support Services

5.     Assists with the overall maintenance and orderliness of the
Library’s collections, display areas, and department areas.

*Other Duties & Responsibilities:*

   1. Assists in accomplishing the Library’s and the Support Service
   Department’s goals.
   2. Seeks professional continuing education, both organized and casual,
   with an air toward keeping services current and appropriate for the guests.
   3. Enforces library policies relevant to public use; responds to
   emergencies and provides support, as needed; acts quickly, exercising good
   4. Works positively and collaboratively across departments to accomplish
   department goals.
   5. Performs other duties as assigned.

*Job Requirements:*

   1. Dependable and flexible work habits with a schedule that meets the
   needs of the Lending Library Kiosk.
   2. High school diploma or equivalent required; Bachelor’s Degree
   3. Knowledge of alphabetical, numerical, and decimal systems of
   4. Proficient in MS Office, Internet browsers, and other computer
   related technology.
   5. Enthusiastic, positive, friendly, self-motivated, creative and
   6. Dedicated to providing positive customer service.
   7. Dedicated to public service.
   8. Strong obligation to confidentiality.
   9. Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.
   10. Excellent verbal, written, and interpersonal communications skills.
   11. Values diversity in the workplace and in the community.
   12. Ability to speak multiple languages helpful.
   13. Possession of valid Michigan driver’s license.

*Working Environment:*

   1. Physical mobility, vision, hearing, and manual dexterity essential.
   2. Maintain physical condition necessary for sitting, standing, bending,
   and/or walking for extended periods of time; stooping; crouching; reaching;
   carrying books or boxes of books; pushing book carts; seeing; keyboarding;
   using the telephone; lifting, pushing, pulling or carrying objects weighing
   up to 50 pounds; push or pull with wheeled cart up to 500 pounds; operating
   assigned equipment; picking up litter; spreading ice melt.
   3. Evening, weekend, and some holiday hours are required.

*Hours:*  19 hours per week

   - Dependable and flexible work habits with a schedule that meets the
   needs of the Lending Library Kiosk

·         Saturdays *and* as needed, will not exceed 19 hours/week

*Salary:*  $11.56 per hour

*Benefits**:* None

*Application:  *

·         Resume, cover letter, and application required.

·         Available at

·         Send to:           Marcia Dominick, Administrative Assistant

           Novi Public Library

           45255 W. Ten Mile Rd.

           Novi, MI   48375

·         E-mail: mdominick at novilibrary.org

Posting closes, Tuesday, April 28, 2020, 5 p.m.


*Marcia Dominick* | Administrative Assistant

Novi Public Library 45255 W. Ten Mile Rd. Novi MI 48375

*Phone:* 248-869-7211*|Fax:* 248-349-6520 *|Office:* 248-869-7204


*Inform.  Inspire.  Include.*
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