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Oops!  Jackson will be in Michigan from October 5-16, 2020.  :)

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If your community is interested in fine art photography, rural landscapes,
abandoned homes, then I would like to highly recommend photographer Jackson
Faulkner.  We hosted him in October 2018 and had a decent turnout of 14
adults (we tried to get an article in the local newspaper, but it didn’t
come to pass).

Jackson lives in Washington state but grew up in Michigan and comes home
every fall to visit family.  He’s planning on the week of October 5-10, 2020
and is willing to book at least six libraries.  I have included his website
and a recent interview he did, but to really get a sense of his art, check
out his Instagram account @jacksonfaulknernet  His passion is about
capturing images of rural landscapes and documenting their history for
future generations.  His captions can bring you to tears; they are so

Last year he visited the following libraries:
Rochester Hills Public Library.  This was a great turnout! Almost 60 people.
Northville Public Library.  Another great turnout! Around 35 people.
Adrian Public Library.  Small but enthusiastic turnout.
Farmington Community Library.  Another great turnout! Around 40-50 people.
Center Line Public Library.  Small but enthusiastic turnout.

He charges $150 for 1-1.5 hours.

You can reach him at jackson at jacksonfaulkner.net


Rebecca Higgerson
Brandon Twp Public Library
304 South Street
Ortonville MI 48462


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