[Michlib-l] Summer Library Program Round Tables - registration now open

Lancaster, Cathy (MDE) LancasterC5 at michigan.gov
Tue Dec 28 09:33:28 EST 2021

Summer Library Programming Round Tables

  *   Register<https://libraryofmichigan.app.neoncrm.com/np/clients/libraryofmichigan/event.jsp?event=2194&> for Monday, January 31st at 11am

  *   Register<https://libraryofmichigan.app.neoncrm.com/np/clients/libraryofmichigan/event.jsp?event=2195&> for Thursday, February 3rd at 2pm

Did you have a successful program last year?  Are you already thinking of programs you'd like to try next summer?  Share your ideas with others! We'll be discussing & collecting program ideas to share for Summer 2022.  They can, but do not have to be, oceans/Oceans of Possibilities related!  Any ideas are welcome. Come to either or both round tables, ideas will be shared out afterwards to this listserv.

What does this mean?  Bring your program ideas!  Each participant should bring at least one program idea to share with the group.  Program ideas may or may not be related to the CSLP theme "Oceans of Possibilities," and can be geared for any age, including teens & adults.  We want to hear what your library is up to and what you're excited about!  We also encourage you to share your ideas beforehand via the form at https://bit.ly/SLP_22 so they can be documented and shared before we meet to discuss.

*Please make sure you have an updated version of Zoom, so you can select breakout rooms by topic.

**These round tables will not be recorded, so please attend live with active microphone and camera if possible. Notes and ideas will be shared out via the listservs if you cannot attend.

While planning your #OceansOfPossibilities programming, please be sure to also make time to view the CSLP Summer Symposium sessions at: https://www.cslpreads.org/summer-symposium-2021/.

This program is supported in part by the Institute for Museum and Library Services.

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