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Winter, Donna dwinter at livoniapubliclibrary.org
Tue Dec 28 11:21:31 EST 2021

We've had one that I had to shut off service for recently. I called the patron and left a voicemail letting them know I stopped the service and asking them to please return it.

I ordered a replacement, but with the holidays I don't expect to receive it until January.


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We purchased a spare device so that we could shut off service to those who weren't returned and activate the spare to put immediately into service.  We're rarely without someone waiting for our now 19-strong collection, so being able to at least put some back into service helps.  How many spares you have would be a decision based on the size of your collection.

Also, we find, for the most part, our system's email or text courtesy notices, the $100 replacement fee and immediate stop to borrowing, and us turning the hotspot into a paperweight (stopping service to the device), helps bring the large majority of them back to us.

Cynthia Stanczak, MLS (she/her)
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Dear Librarians,

Have any of you had hotspots not returned. What methods have you used to try to get the patrons to return them? We have lost one and two are still out. I appreciate your responses.

Stephanie Daniels, Director
Vanderlyn Community Center & Hartford Public Library
12 Church Street
Hartford, MI 49057
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