[Michlib-l] LM LSTA & Federal Funding Fact Sheet for 2020

Reish, Karren (MDE) ReishK at michigan.gov
Fri Jul 30 17:27:34 EDT 2021

Good afternoon, the fact sheet on the use of federal funding in 2020 by the Library of Michigan has been posted on our LSTA web page. You can find the direct link below. This year we added the Other Federal Funds category to account for the CARES Act funding activities.

  *   LSTA & Other Federal Funds Fact Sheet - Federal Fiscal Year 2019/State Fiscal Year 2020<https://www.michigan.gov/documents/libraryofmichigan/LSTA_fact_sheet_FFY_19_731391_7.pdf>

The fact sheet gives a quick overview of the various federally funding programs managed by the Library of Michigan. Public, academic and school libraries throughout the state that use these programs are our partners in helping our communities find and use quality programs and resources. We appreciate all your efforts in the last year!

Karren Reish
Library Grants Coordinator
Library of Michigan
517-241-0021,  www.michigan.gov/lsta<http://www.michigan.gov/lsta>

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