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Thanks for bringing up the fact that some schools don't have professional
librarians Kathy. I'm in the UP and we have many public/school libraries
that are under the authority of the school superintendent and not the
librarian, most of which do not have a library degree. I haven't looked yet
but I hope the ALA and MLA come out with a statement of support and also
additional guidance for librarians that face this specific anti-first
amendment/Freedom to Read movement. Oh my goodness about giving out
student/patron information on who was reading a specific book, they must
not have even been trained properly. We recently changed our LMS to Ex
Libris/Alma and I am beyond perplexed as to why the system keeps historical
records of what someone checked out, except that they are a worldwide
company that is 'one size fits all'.
This current wave of anti-intellectualism and aggression against school
libraries certainly strengthens the case for the necessity of professional
librarians in all schools and public/school libraries.
We are in this together!
Take care, Rebecca

On Fri, Nov 19, 2021 at 3:28 PM Lester, Kathy via Michlib-l <
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> Yes.  I also have had school librarians reach out to me as well.
> Unfortunately, there have been cases where the parents are requesting for
> the school librarian to be arrested.
> This is not happening in all school districts in Michigan -- but it has
> been stressful in cases where it has been happening.
> I also can't help but wonder -- what is happening in the districts
> *without* certified school librarians?
> As Klaudia has mentioned -- there is the possibility that books are just
> being pulled off the shelves without following a policy (or even knowing if
> there is a policy?)
> In one case, there was a paraprofessional who gave information to the
> parent groups about which students had checked out the books in question.
> {*This was wrong for so many reasons.*}
> As always, I am most concerned about our students  -- our students deserve
> the freedom to read diverse books that have been selected by a certified
> school librarian for their age range and school community.  They also
> deserve to have equitable access to certified school librarians who will
> support them.
> Here is the latest biweekly OIF Newsletter --
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> Look at how lengthy this Censorship item is (and this is just the last 2
> weeks).
> BTW.  There is a link to subscribe to the newsletter is at the bottom of
> the newsletter.
> --Kathy
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> On Fri, Nov 19, 2021 at 12:41 PM Klaudia Janek via Michlib-l <
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>> It is happening here in Michigan.  There are several groups and the one
>> that seems to be most prominent is called Moms for Liberty.  They are
>> passing around lists of books to bring up at board meetings.  Some of the
>> people are the same people who came into board meetings about masking, then
>> CRT, now school library books.  I think next on the list will be
>> misunderstandings about SEL (social, emotional, learning programs).  There
>> is a lot of language about how schools are brainwashing students with
>> leftist, communist propaganda and pornography.  I have a few school
>> librarian friends who are currently going through this.  I just don't want
>> to name them in a public forum without their consent.  They can jump in if
>> they want.
>> I think that there are some school libraries that have been operating
>> without librarians and budgets for years....they do not have the newer
>> books listed on the "sheet".  I also think that if the books are somehow in
>> an unstaffed library, an administrator can just walk in and take anything
>> off the shelf.  No one would ever know.
>> But we are already at breaking points in schools.  Everyone is subbing or
>> schools are going virtual because of staff shortages.  To add book
>> challenges to this list that consist of not just one book, but hundreds, is
>> completely overwhelming to have to think about or deal with.  :(  It's not
>> good.
>> Klaudia
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>>> Jim & TLN-
>>> There was also a brief article in TIME earlier this week that addressed
>>> increasingly frequent challenges at school libraries:
>>> https://time.com/6117685/book-bans-school-libraries/
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>>> Good Morning,
>>> Thought I would share this PW article that discusses what appears to be
>>> an increasingly organized, possibly national trend to challenge and/or ban
>>> books. I am not on the "front lines" as nearly all of you are, so just
>>> wondering if we are seeing this trend in Michigan as well. If not, then the
>>> increased number of challenges/ban efforts that are taking place in other
>>> states might be something to keep in mind.
>>> <https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=https-3A__www.publishersweekly.com_pw_by-2Dtopic_industry-2Dnews_libraries_article_87920-2Dlibrarians-2Deducators-2Dwarn-2Dof-2Dorganized-2Dbook-2Dbanning-2Defforts.html&d=DwMFaQ&c=euGZstcaTDllvimEN8b7jXrwqOf-v5A_CdpgnVfiiMM&r=LHMBuN8L2Y6IxcHD6lrbABorptvUX4FXRP-_DHNXNO0&m=yFTCYNCgbXHGqVf__Y_hlVzNPNCE9w6j6CAITuKAlEw&s=InPCYmCMG2DZQZicNClO-UcH_mMyQorTdtz7l7k9VnM&e=>
>>> https://www.publishersweekly.com/pw/by-topic/industry-news/libraries/article/87920-librarians-educators-warn-of-organized-book-banning-efforts.html
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