[Michlib-l] Windows 10...and Deep Freeze

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Saranac Public Library upgraded all 8 of our patron computers to Windows 10 back the first of December (I think that was when it was- or the end of November) and we have deep freeze installed as well.  Our tech guy really didn't want to upgrade us but we were having problems with our weekly updates- some weren't able to complete which then caused the computer to into a cycle of constantly trying to update and this made the computer unusable.  After we had problems several times (the last time we only had 2 computers available for patron use), I knew something had to be done.

We have not had any issues at all with Windows 10, Deep Freeze OR with the computers updating.  For us, it has been a great move.

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> Great questions!
> Following
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> Please pardon if this issue has already been addressed here (and pardon duplication).
> Ourtech guy is here today to upgrade Norton and Deep Freeze. I also wantedhim to upgrade staff and patron computers to Windows 10, but he says his company does not really recommend it until all the bugs are worked out (that's my language, not his).
> Haveyou upgraded your computers to Windows 10? Have you had problems? Are there particular issues with upgrading patron computers? Do you recommend upgrading at this time? Also, if you use Deep Freeze, is there a version that works best?
> That's too many questions...any comments you have would be helpful.
> Thanks,
> Colleen
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