[Michlib-l] Jackie Kemler, White Pine District Library: RLC 2020 Trustee of the Year Award Winner

Norris, Sonya (MDE) NorrisS2 at michigan.gov
Wed Apr 29 10:35:43 EDT 2020

Join us in recognizing Jackie Kemler of the White Pine District Library as the RLC 2020 Trustee of the Year.

Jackie joined the White Pine District Library Board over 40 years ago. When her oldest child was learning to crawl, Jackie was learning the responsibilities of being a library board member. She served in several roles on the Board and was the secretary for about 35 of the 40 years.

As part of the library team, she has volunteered her service in many ways. You will find Jackie working at nearly every program that we have. She is not afraid to put on an elf costume or some such thing and assume alternative identities!

She also attends programs even when she is not asked to volunteer. She comes because she is a life-long learner. Jackie is also a great promoter of this library. She helps us with advertising. She cares about the upkeep of the library as well. If we have a library spruce-up or work day, Jackie is here, along with all of the rest of her family (which she volunteers). She has brought her husband and grandson to every lawn clean-up day that we have had.

Jackie is also an important part of our community. She is civic minded. She has served as the Day Township Clerk for seven years. She serves on the Montcalm County Jury Board as the Republican member. Jackie has been a member of Delta Kappa Gamma for fifteen years. She just recently joined the board for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). I'm sure that there is even more to tell, but those are the ones that I know.

As far as keeping current, Jackie has volunteered to participate in workshops and has attended conferences as a representative of our Board such as at the Mid-Michigan Library League annual meetings and this Rural Library Conference. Jackie supports and helps create forward thinking policies and helped us to obtain our very first QSAC certification.

Thank you to Jackie Kemler!
Sonya Schryer Norris, Library of Michigan
Carol Dawe, director, Lakeland Library Cooperative
Angela Semifero, director, Marshall District Library
Dion Mindykowski, director, Tahquamenon Area Library
Martin Gibbs, Library of Michigan Foundation Board Member

Sonya Schryer Norris
Library Consultant
Library of Michigan
Michigan Department of Education
Norriss2 at michigan.gov<mailto:Norriss2 at michigan.gov>


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