[Michlib-l] Free Shifting Landscapes event with philosopher and ethicist Stephen Esquith, Ph.D.

Thomas Trahey ttrahey at mcdlibrary.org
Fri Oct 15 14:21:43 EDT 2021

     Mason County District Library and Abondia Center continue the new
public lecture series, Shifting Landscapes, on Monday, October 18, with
Strangers: Who Are We? at 7-8:30 pm at the Ludington Area Center for the
Arts, and on Zoom, featuring MSU philosopher ethicist Stephen Esquith.

         Stephen Esquith will explore the most expansive experience of
community yet in the series, our relation to strangers. "I am interested,”
Esquith commented, “how our responsibilities to strangers might have
shifted as a result of Covid-19.  How have our lives in cyberspace (e.g.,
on Zoom, social media) affected our responsibilities to others?  Have we
created new connections with others who were not visible to us before?”

         Esquith also notes, “We’ll also consider such questions as, “Have
our responsibilities to those previously close to us been weakened by this
shift from physical to virtual presence?  What does it mean to think of
others as 'distant strangers,’ or does this term make less sense now that
we are more virally as well as virtually connected?”

This event is free to you and to your patrons. I can forward you additional
resources related to the event, including articles written by Esquith that
he has given us permission to share.

Thomas Trahey
Mason County District Library
Head of Circulation
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