[Michlib-l] Championing the Truth Recording Now Available

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The New York Times on Championing the Truth program recording can be found here.<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aucTymbJQfQ>


Subject: [Michlib-l] Championing the Truth - Thursday, October 14th 3:30-5pm ET

Over the summer a common theme shared among the Chief Officers of State Library Agencies (COSLA) and other SLA staff, was the responsibility libraries have to communicate the truth to its patrons and our community. COSLA is collaborating with the New York Times to help bring clarity to this question. Please join us on Thursday, October 14th 330-5pm ET to start the conversation on how this can be achieved.

Session Synopsis: Amidst a polarized national climate, both public libraries and journalism publications share a responsibility to inform the public and remain balanced. They both also work to foster community and build bridges.
How do they each navigate this responsibility? How do they champion the truth, while remaining balanced and providing a space for discourse? What is the importance of media literacy for the future? How do we vet the truth and grapple with misinformation?

We will hear from state librarians Lauren Moore (NY), Sara Jones (WA), and New York Times journalists on what it takes to champion the truth and serve readers and community members in this moment.

Feature journalists will be:

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